Offer your residents smart square meters in residential complexes

CleverSystems – is a software platform with convenient mobile application for residential complexes

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Convenient and useful smart home application for residents and owners


Refuse from private messengers with limited access. Join to important conversations, understand residents mood, react quickly to changes.


Decrease debts for residential complex maintenance. Send bills in mobile application, provide immediate payments.

Complex information

Always necessary information: description, apartment plans, documentation, up-to-date photos and news, etc.

Smart Home

Use smart devices in your apartments. Lighting and climate control.
Integration with Ajax Hub, Xiaomi Agora Hub, etc.

Mobile application

Interact effectively with owners and residents.
All necessary tools in one application.


Offer additional services.
Organise current support via creating request in mobile application.

Main components of the CleverSystems platform

Personal account of facility services company

CleverSystems provides WEB-cabinet for managing complex and mobile application.

Mobile application

Every user has a possibility to install mobile application on his smartphone and get an access to all residential complex options and smart home functions.

External services

Simple integration API and WEB-cabinet for independent service companies to offer popular goods and services for residents.

CleverSystems platform is built on modern technologies

Cloud technologies

CleverSystems works with main cloud providers. Access to the platform from any place.

Data security

CleverSystems platform uses protected transfer and storage protocols. Safely protected data.

Component platform

We match necessary platform components for your business. Use all you need.


Integration with maintenance bills center and payment services. One touch payments.

White label

We adapt the application to your style and brand. Make your complex unique.

Device HUB connection

We integrate with Ajax Systems, Xiaomi Hub, etc. Interact with devices in appartments.

How doesit work?

Set up your resident complex platform in 3 steps

Join to the CleverSystems

Leave the request and we’ll contact you

Platform configuration

We’ll help to configure our platform according to your business demands, to connect necessary modules and integrations.

Installation is finished

Interact with residents, get orders and send bills. It’s simple and convenient.

Manage your residential complex

Managing residential complex system from CleverSystems helps to interact with residents, send bills to phones, solve daily routine and other technical tasks of residential complexes quickly and simply.

FAQ friquently asked questions

We have gathered the most popular questions.

Leave request or contact us. We’ll create a personal account and give access to the administration page, we’ll tune necessary parameters before.

The total cost consists of the price of the work that needs to be done and the platform components we are going to use: basic mobile application or branded, technical infrastructure integration necessity, the necessity of additional services and others. Contact us and we’ll help to identify the necessary configuration and prepare the proposal.

Of course. It’s possible to add a few complexes in the personal cabinet and the user will be able to choose the one he need in mobile application.

Have any questions?

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